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CLOSER TO YOU - Music Video

MAR 2019 - PREMIERE: Iluka hits her superstar stride in Closer To You

Drop everything you’re doing and sing along to Closer To You, the first step in what’s sure to be a defining period of Iluka’s career.

Closer To You was produced by Jack Moffit of The Preatures, who has recently been lending his studio know-how to I Know LeopardMosquito CoastWild Honey and of course, his own band. Suitably the track rings with an immense sheen, the drums sounding more powerful than ever and the rest of the mix following suit.

In case the tune itself wasn’t shiny enough, Iluka has also shared a glitter-clad music video directed by Imogen McCluskey. Abound with flora and lipstick of all flavours, it’s a party you’ll wish you were at… READ MORE



JUNE 2019 - Cinema Australia - Seven Australian films top Sydney Film Festival Audience Awards

The Sydney Film Festival has announced the Audience Awards, the list of the audience’s top five voted features and documentaries. Winner for best narrative feature went to Sequin in a Blue Room directed by Samuel Van Grinsven and winner for best documentary went to Martha: A Picture Story directed by Selina Miles.

Coming in at second was Ben Lawrence’s Hearts and Bones while Imogen McCluskey’s micro-budget debut Suburban Wildlife came in at third spot… READ MORE


Two other Australian films – Ben Lawrence’s Hearts and Bones and Imogen McCluskey’s microbudget debut Suburban Wildlife – were also voted in the top five narrative films, alongside Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Never Look Away and Céline Sciamma Portrait of a Lady on FireREAD MORE


Imogen McCluskey’s feature debut, Suburban Wildlife, is an enveloping account of millennial despondency. The moment that you realise you’re watching something with key generational insight is as Priscilla Doueihy’s Alice delivers a despondent thought about travelling the world to be enriched. Alice says, to paraphrase, how could I possibly go anywhere my parents haven’t been… READ MORE

JUNE 2019 - Tears, favours and pesto pasta: the challenge of making a feature film for $4000

During an exhausting 18 months of post-production, the young Australian director regularly wondered about the wisdom of trying to make a feature film for just $4,000…READ MORE

JUNE 2019 - Taormina Film Festival Announces Line-Up

The full lineup has been announced for the 65th Taormina Film Festival, which will be taking place June 30th to July 6th in Taormina, Sicily. A few highlights include Spider-Man: Far From HomeDanny Boyle‘s Yesterday, and Kenneth Branagh‘s All is True, just to name a few…

‘Suburban Wildlife’ to be included in Centre Stage Competition…READ MORE

JUNE 2019 - ‘Suburban Wildlife’ selected as Closing Night Film

The London Australian Film Festival draws to a close with the European premiere of indie drama SUBURBAN WILDLIFE, with the closing gala screening followed by a Q&A with debut writer-director Imogen McCluskey… READ MORE

MAY 2019 - The Spaces Between: An Interview with Imogen McCluskey and Béatrice Barbeau-Scurla

At times, Suburban Wildlife is so quiet it feels like it might disappear altogether — a character’s hand reaching lazily out of a car window, a pair of friends lying beneath a velvety bushland sky… READ MORE

JAN 2019 - Making A Film On A Micro Budget with Imogen McCluskey: 3 Top Tips

If your budget is the only thing stopping you from turning your great story into a great film, don't let it. After cutting her teeth on her debut feature, recent AFTRS graduate Imogen McCluskey (Bachelor of Arts: Screen, 2017) has three sure-fire tips to help you get the most bang for your filmmaking buck…. WATCH HERE

JAN 2019 - ‘Suburban Wildlife’ Lands World Premiere

Suburban Wildlife, the new feature film created almost entirely by a crew of AFTRS Bachelor of Arts (Screen) students, will have its world premiere at this year’s Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival in San Jose, California… READ MORE

AUG 2018 - Film Ink: Straight out of the Suburbs

New Australian indie, Suburban Wildlife, depicts the malaise of transitioning from your youthful circle of friends to an adult life, and announces the arrival of a talented pool of young actors and filmmaker Imogen McCluskey… READ MORE

AUG 2018 - Film in Revolt: Interview with Imogen McCluskey

Arran (18) from Film in Revolt spoke with Imogen McCluskey director and co-writer of Suburban Wildlife – a coming-of-age film set in Sydney’s outer suburbs, exploring the struggles of friendships, love, sexuality and independence faced by young adults… READ MORE

AUG 2018 - MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES: Dangerfilm Podcast with Imogen McCluskey

Movies Movies Movies is a weekly show with exclusive extended podcasts exploring the movie universe from the Sydney viewpoint of two huge film Lordes, Jack Atherton and André Shannon… LISTEN HERE


SAVANNAH - Music Video

JUNE 2019 - The Music Network - CLIPPED Music Video gongs

The fourth annual CLIPPED Music Video Festival saw over 400 submissions from across Australia and New Zealand.

The event took place on June 15, with the Australian and New Zealand Finalist Top 40 music videos screened throughout the night and over $20,000 worth of prizes given away.

Some of the big winners included Ivy-Jane Brown for ‘Savannah’ taking home Best Australia Video, and ‘Feeling Free’ by Leisure taking the top NZ award - READ MORE

JUNE 2019 - CLIPPED Music Video Festival 2019 – Winners & Nominees


JUNE 2019 - Finalist for Clipped Music Video Awards

WINNER of Best Australian Music Video 2019 - READ MORE

SEPT 2018 - Sticks and Stones Mothership - SHIT TO WATCH

Sydney-based artist Ivy-Jane Browne presents her stunning debut music video in collaboration with Fat Salmon Productions. Dark synth-pop with ‘Under the Skin’ vibes, the video tells the story of a woman with dark power over men, & in turn their power over her. They are her prisoners & captors, her shadows & obsessions, her victory & her downfall, her prize & her punishment…



Fifteen entry-level female television screenwriters from across Australia have been given the opportunity to kick-start their careers working with renowned producer Imogen Banks (Offspring) and screenwriter Alice Bell (Puberty BluesThe Beautiful Lie) as part of Endemol Shine Australia’s Smart for a Girl: ROAR, the development program which received funding from Gender Matters: Brilliant Careers.

* Correction: Imogen McCluskey is listed as shadow writer for Empath, but was featured writer/creator of her own show, The Ground.